Southeast Asian Galleries Set Their Sights on Art Basel Hong Kong

In the fair’s Kabinett sector, Silverlens will present the work of Pacita Abad (1946-2004), a Philippine artist who lived all over the world, including the United States. The booth will display pieces from her “Masks and Spirits” series.

10 Booths To Visit At Art Basel Hong Kong

It’s the moment art lovers have been waiting for: Art Basel in Hong Kong—Asia’s leading art fair—is returning to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 27 to 31. As Art Basel in Hong Kong opens its doors, we highlight 10 booths you should make a beeline for.

Meet the artists exhibiting at Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong

The Encounters section at Art Basel Hong Kong, where large-scale sculptures and installations are shown, will reflect “the accelerated sense of absurdity at a time where persistent political revolutions and social uprisings are part of our new normal”, according to Alexie Glass-Kantor, the section’s curator for the fifth year running. “The theme, ‘Still We Rise’, explores thresholds between life and death, between collapse and resurrection.”

Ryan Villamael’s Paper City

When Ryan Villamael showed his paper cutouts in his first solo exhibition, he thought it would be his last. The initial response of the audience was one of befuddlement. Cutouts are usually relegated to handicraft or child’s play. But Villamael’s intervention into the fragile medium entailed not just cutting but concept. By contemplating paper as a fraught site (after all, it is also the medium of books, maps, and other archival materials), Villamael liberated the material to become an arbiter of meaning, one that traffics in the intersection of self and society, of biography and geography.

Ray Albano: Playing in the sandbox of Art

MANILA, Philippines — In his relatively short but fruitful life, Ray Albano wore many hats: he was a museum assistant, arts administrator, critic, curator, graphic designer, painter, photographer, poet, writer.

This Artist Transforms Paper Into Awe-Inspiring Works of Art

Ryan Villamael's piece for Art Fair Philippines 2019 is his "love letter" to Manila.

Interview with Ryan Villamael

‘A Paradise Lost’, on view at Silverlens until 9 February, is Ryan Villamael’s 7th solo exhibition with the gallery. The show builds on the artist’s ongoing exploration of the history of the Philippines as it has been written. It features the Filipino artist’s signature delicate intricate paper cuttings. Through these works, he engenders meaningful conversations about his country’s past, and in the process throws up questions about the memories of one’s personal history as well.

A&M speaks with the artist to find out more about his latest exhibition, his long-time relationship with Silverlens, as well as how travel has enriched his work.  

Para Site International Conference Diary: Day 3

Expanding on the previous two days' themes of heritage, archives and repatriation, the third and final day of Para Site's international conference at Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts in Hong Kong began with an eloquent lecture delivered by artist Pio Abad, whose opening sentiments echoed the previous day's discussion by Marian Pastor Roces of political violence and corruption in the Philippines.

[Sketch] Corinne de San Jose Discusses Her Work for Abstract Photography Exhibition, “Equivalent/s,” at Silverlens

Blink and you’ll miss it–and we hope you don’t.  “Equivalent/s,” exploring methods of abstraction in photography, and curated by Rachel Rillo, is on its last couple of days in Silverlens Galleries.

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