Willing oneself to work: Gary-Ross Pastrana’s Kawara-esque collage series – in conversation

A futuristic landscape built with geometric shapes; a close-up view of a wooden surface that’s got splinters and paint residues; planes of sliced glass, mirror particles and unpolished crystals – these are just some of the images one may see in Silverlens Galleries’ “Utopia Hasn’t Failed Me Yet”, an exhibition spotlighting Gary-Ross Pastrana‘s collage series, alongside other pieces from Pastrana’s oeuvre created from 2000 to the present.

Dina Gadia Finds Her Balance and a New Maturity

In her latest and first all-paintings Silverlens show, Situation Amongst The Furnishings, the artist returns to top-of-mind territory.   There’s something new about Dina Gadia’s show that opened last night at Silverlens Gallery, but what it is is not easy to point out exactly. There’s a perceptible energy to the paintings, a violent force more spelled out. 

Filipino political and religious figures submerged in underwater procession

On long, life-size panels at this year's Art Basel fair, underwater figures make their way across the screens.

One sports a curly wig and a fringed skirt made of golden foil. Others dress as political and religious figures. Some carry cardboard signs emblazoned with slogans like "Yolanda Survivor" -- a reference to the deadly typhoon that rocked the Philippines in 2013.

Elgian Collector Alain Servais’ Top Picks – Art Basel 2017

The Belgian collector, Alain Servais, started collecting art in the late 1990s. With a strong focus on emerging artists, Alain has built up a significant contemporary art collection which is highly versatile and forward-looking. Alain is also among the first to collect digital art and support young artists by offering residency program in his loft in Brussels where he keeps his collection. One of the most committed and passionate collectors today, Alain spends most of his leisure time visiting museums, biennales, galleries and art fairs, and sharing his insights in the art with his twitter fans.


19th Baloise Art Prize awarded at Art Basel 2017

The Baloise Art Prize has been awarded to Martha Atienza from the Philippines and Sam Pulitzer from the USA. The prize of CHF 30,000.- will be presented at the Statements sector of Art Basel by a jury of international experts. The prize includes the acquisition by Baloise of a group of works by the award winners, which are donated to two important museums in Europe: the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the MUDAM, Luxembourg.

Exhibit Walk-through and Art Residency Talk

Wawi Navarroza and Issay Rodriguez will have their exhibition walkthrough on 27 May, 3 P.M. Navarroza's MEDUSA and Rodriguez's ・・・ are on view at Silverlens from 6 May to 3 June. An Art Residency Talk by Cocoy Lumbao will also be held after the walk-through. 

Two young Filipino artists handpicked for the biggest international art event

Venice, Italy (CNN Philippines Life) — Although there are technically five Filipino artists in this year’s Venice Art Biennale, Issay Rodriguez and Katherine Nuñez are the only Filipino artists working in the Philippines who were handpicked by this year’s biennale director, Christine Macel. The French curator saw their work at the 2016 Art Dubai and was impressed enough to include them in the roster of 120 artists for the main exhibition. They are two of the youngest to participate this year.

Katherine Nuñez + Issay Rodriguez crochet books and school supplies at the Venice Art Biennale

currently living and working in marikina, philippines, Katherine Nuñez and Issay Rodriguez are the two youngest artists presented at the ‘viva arte viva’ main exhibition of the 57th edition of the Venice Art Biennale. situated at the giardini pavilion, ‘in between the lines 2.0’ is an installation consisting of a desk and a set of books which are made entirely of stitched fabric, embroidery and crochet. the pieces invite the audience to interact with them while illustrating also recreations of school supplies.

Room for Improvement

Isa Lorenzo, director of Silverlens Galleries, gives quite the laconic answer when asked about the gallery’s recent change of address. “Our lease ended,” she says, as if to declare, and that’s that. But upon entering the new space, it’s immediately perceptible that there’s more to the story, as far as new beginnings are concerned.

Maria Taniguchi

Earth-stuff goes through myriad transformations on its path to usefulness in our world. Soil, stone, water, oil, plants, animals, and the rest all pass through processes of cleaning, smoothing, separating, reconstituting. And at the end of that violence is an exquisite, terrifying flatness: one that expresses itself through identical buildings, garments, and foods; through the identical spaces conveyed by this screen and the identical blackness inside it.