SILVERLENS DISPATCH: 2014 Art Stage Singapore

2014 Art Stage Singapore
by Silverlens

This is our third year to participate in Art Stage Singapore, and it was simple and straightforward, with one brick painting by Maria Taniguchi. Maria incidentally, also is the show in Silverlens Gillman Barracks this month. She is showing two more brick paintings, and two works on paper from her News series.  

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What I saw last Year

What I saw this year
by Irwin Cruz  

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Silverlens Galleries | Year 2013 in review

2013 was one of the busiest years of Silverlens. In 12 months, we mounted 42 shows and participated in 6 art fairs. During the last working day of the year, the team voted the top shows based on the ones that were incredibly satisfying to put together or the shows that were just well done. Here are the 10 that made the cut.


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SILVERLENS DISPATCH: Helu-Trans Collectors Series

Helu-Trans Collectors Series
By Rachel Rillo

Rogue Art’s first collector’s show at the Helu-Trans art space was a huge success. Just as I was running out of art steam, we head back to Singapore for our last trip of 2013 to support our friends.  

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